Happy New Year! :)

“Search for them as you would for silver, seek them like hidden treasures. vv 4 For wisdon will enter your heart and knowledge will fill you with joy. vv 10 Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe. vv 11” ~ Proverbs 3

Hello! How’s everybody doing? 🙂 Happy new year! The Bible verses above is part of my daily devotional- today. I just want to share you all the things that I am expecting for this year 2015.

As I ponder in the Word of God, I’ve seen how God guided me and completed me all the way. He is there when I was promoted as part of the leaders in the church which is asking more of my time and more responsibility. He is there even when I am breaking down- left so stressed. Like I forgot all His hopeful Words and His comfort.

This passages gave me a fresh beginning. I was so craving for what the world has to offer but (1) God taught me to seek His face everyday like how I craved for things in this world- and more than that. This things may bring happiness for some time but it will not last for eternity. (2) God taught me to balance my priorities. Can these things be used as an instrument of praise? We are given so many opportunities and wise choices whether these opportunities will lead us to the heart of God or not. (3) God taught me not to focus much on my issues. He told me that it will only rot all His promises for me. All what He has for me. I am so busy making myself better that I only make myself worse. What He has for me is far better than what I plan for myself. (4) God taught me to love others as He loved and forgave me. I’ve checked on my heart lately and I have seen that my love for other people is very shallow, very conditional. God gave us a pattern to obey in His Word, specifically 1 Corinthians 13.

I hope we find changes in God. Find rest in Him. We may have so many things for ourselves but God has far far better than that of our own goals.

God bless us all! 🙂


Can’t live without God’s Presence in my life.

“And you must love the Lord your God will all your heart, all your soul, all your strength.”
~♥ Deuteronomy 6:5


2014 is really a year of breakthrough and promotion for me. So many blessings have been poured down from heaven to my life. So many trials- some I overcame and add up to my treasure of life lessons but the others are left hanging still going its way to teach and discipline me.

I am asking for answers to everything without even trying to figure out the solutions. But God, God is always showing up right in front of me, showing himself to me.

As a believer, His presence is very important to us. And this year I have always been longing for that precious encounter with Him everyday. For every moment I pray and when I experience Him, it really knocks me out of my feet and overwhelms me. I really feel His anointing, the Holy Spirit coming down and blesses me. I really can’t explain the feeling- the joy, the healing, His breath of life and even his pain, all mixed up! I love it being near Him. But because of that experience, because of his overwhelming power I can’t contain it that I burst and come out. It was really hard to absorb in my part. Though it was a struggle for an 18-year old like me to let His presence in my life at times, I know by this year 2015 He never will allow.

He sent his chosen man from the Holy Land, Israel to visit our church for our Sunday service this morning and there


– in that moment I feel Him again, still powerful, still I can’t stop praising Him.

God spoke to me telling me to continue to long for Him. To glorify Him. He was so happy seeing me, seeing His people honoring Him and staying in His loving arms. He says that everytime we are near Him, He is very joyful to see that He is our Abba Father, that we are satisfied in Him.

What a precious moment to spend time with the Lord and to make me realize all these things, a new year surprise in advance! Filled with hope, joy and a bright year ahead.

More than anything oh Lord, you are the One I seek.