Is There Serenity in an Occupied World?

For other people, being alone is something they would like to avoid; a state where they found themselves trapped by their nightmares and wrong decisions form the past. But some ought to find it as a refuge where they could meditate. In this civilized world where we extend ourselves from perfection, we fail to recall the words, unwind and slow down. For 24 hours we stick with our busy work and schedule that we let it take over our minds until we feel anxious and exhausted at the end of the day. Nevertheless, when we feel helpless and gone astray, there would be an ideal place where we could cool down our minds and recreate ourselves out of all the blaring sounds outside.


Know where it is?


Have a break in all the work that brings out stress; go into your room, take a walk on the park or on the beach, look at the sunset, feel the embrace of the wind, appreciate the beauty of nature outside that four corners of your office. Just be in a place where you could refresh for a while.


Always find time to take a break.


When we feel like carrying the weight of the world, it is the best time to stop everything, relax and fix yourself.


Let us always be grateful that we are breathing and continue achieving our goals and plans in life in spite of all the sufferings and trials we are facing everyday. At times we feel like the winds of change and the storms of life are about to attack us.


but we should always LOOK UP.


Beyond those thick clouds and heavy rain, the sun still shines. Just like a hurricane, it just have to pass. That is the normal course of life, without heartaches, we cannot truly appreciate the best things in life.


God bless! 🙂


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