Unity of myself and I.

Lying on my bed, thinking of all the things that has to be done.. >< But wait a minute..

I always get the best moments of silence, moments of peace and calmness in my  bed- wide awake. Moments of peace even though so many things are running in circles around my mind.. silent even though my scattered thoughts are screaming at me.

I don't know. It's just ironic. But, I find it relaxing. Because at this time, at this very moment I get to fix all my thoughts and bring them back to pieces.

I'm becoming one with myself.

And as I wake up in the morning, it gets easier to digest everything. It is not hard for me to adjust to different situations.

I just love that moment of unity.. that moment of harmony between me and myself.

I can say that it's priceless 🙂


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