Until then..

Looking back.. Looking back at my life then, tears would always roll down my face

“God, only through a miracle would I ever survive it.”

And yes, I did survived. I can hardly imagine comparing my life before until this very moment.

I was nothing.

By the time I came into this world, I felt like life would always pull me down, down to where I thought I belong- darkness. A claustrophobic feeling. I really hate that feeling, it creeps me, trembles me. I can’t breathe and I felt like life is too narrow for me.. too narrow for my hand to reach the rope and get saved.

Everything that I hold- something precious- it’s just always being blown by the wind.

I’m just tired, tired of breathing air through my lungs again.

Until someone heard my cry and for a long time of being alone, someone offered a  company. He came in to my life and embraced me with His love and mercy. He always say kind words to me, He encouraged me and made me feel important.

All those scattered tiny little pieces of my life- day and night, every second and every day, He patiently pick it all up very carefully, glued all of it and made it new like never before.

Yes, He is. My Savior, my best friend, my father, my teacher, my adviser, my everything-

my Jesus forever and ever.



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