My Apologies :’)

My apologies! Haven’t been in a while -.- I’ve been very busy at church and school lately. So many events to be planned, plates and projects on the way but glory to God we’re on for a vacation and yes, I can do some blogging now! hahaha.


2014 really is a tough year for me. So many things happened and I can see them flashing right before my eyes- like a hologram.  Some moments are inspiring. Some are discouraging. I saw dark days and sunny days. Well, this is LIFE! As another chapter comes my way, I hope I can treat both bad and good days fairly. They are all part of maturing as a person, right? 🙂


I don’t know. I just love seeing myself outgrowing every trials in my life. Every time I overcome, I can see God greater and greater in my life. I see bigger picture of how life is so amazing!


By the way, how’s everybody doing? 🙂


God bless!



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