What is Architecture, by the way?

Architecture & Life


As Francis D.K. Ching said in his book, A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, Architecture is defined as the ART and SCIENCE of DESIGNING and CONSTRUCTING buildings.
When we say,

ART– it is the product or result of architectural work: buildings, collectively. 

SCIENCE– A style or method of building characteristic of a people, place, or time.

DESIGNING– the profession of designing buildings and other habitable environment.

CONSTRUCTING– the conscious act of forming things resulting in a unifying or coherent structures.

Looking into the past~

Slide2124 Prehistoric Architecture

Long ago, people are yearning for comfort. For a space where they can be protected from the hostile attacks outside, for a place where they can do their thing privately and a place to call their own. That’s why they build a SHELTER. That’s where architecture started.


And as time passes by, ARCHITECTURE made an important role…

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