What is Architecture, by the way?

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As Francis D.K. Ching said in his book, A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, Architecture is defined as the ART and SCIENCE of DESIGNING and CONSTRUCTING buildings.
When we say,

ARTโ€“ it is the product or result of architectural work: buildings, collectively.ย 

SCIENCEโ€“ A style or method of building characteristic of a people, place, or time.

DESIGNINGโ€“ the profession of designing buildings and other habitable environment.

CONSTRUCTINGโ€“ the conscious act of forming things resulting in a unifying or coherent structures.

Looking into the past~

Slide2124 Prehistoric Architecture

Long ago, people are yearning for comfort. For a space where they can be protected from the hostile attacks outside, for a place where they can do their thing privately and a place to call their own. Thatโ€™s why they build a SHELTER. Thatโ€™s where architecture started.


And as time passes by, ARCHITECTURE made an important roleโ€ฆ

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Vacation, you say?

Enjoying this life. Ahhh! I’m in for a vacation- staying in the house for weeks. Now I can do all the things I have planned that haven’t been done until now ’cause of home works, architectural plates, the time that I’m always spending at school and work. Finally, I get control of my life. Lately, I got this new feeling of comfort whenever I seat alone in the morning at the balcony enjoying the gentle wind as I sip a cup of coffee. Even in the evening, browsing through the internet, Facebook-ing, blogging and all. I find comfort whenever I’m alone doing my thing.

For how many months I felt being restrained by all my responsibilities as a student. I really love the path (Architecture) that I am taking now. But, when the pile of things start rising up- plates to be done, situations in my life that are really freaking me out, leading people in our network at the church- ugh, it sucks every breath that I breathe in. I don’t know, I suddenly felt tired. I just want to get away. Do things in a passionate way.

Vacations like this- just staying in the house, chilling, taking a walk outside and making stuff that doesn’t require any deadline gives us a break sometimes. Maybe now I still can’t experience going on a trip, booking a flight, enjoy eating at a fine restaurant (still a student) but this little things reminds me to enjoy what I have right now, enjoy every moment.

One thing I learned while reflecting on my past months at school, work and church:

Take life one step at a time. Enjoy every moment. Don’t stress yourself too much. Give all your concerns, your burdens to the Lord.