Unity of myself and I.

Lying on my bed, thinking of all the things that has to be done.. >< But wait a minute..

I always get the best moments of silence, moments of peace and calmness in my  bed- wide awake. Moments of peace even though so many things are running in circles around my mind.. silent even though my scattered thoughts are screaming at me.

I don't know. It's just ironic. But, I find it relaxing. Because at this time, at this very moment I get to fix all my thoughts and bring them back to pieces.

I'm becoming one with myself.

And as I wake up in the morning, it gets easier to digest everything. It is not hard for me to adjust to different situations.

I just love that moment of unity.. that moment of harmony between me and myself.

I can say that it's priceless 🙂


There is Hope (2012 Testimony)



  Life’s NOTHING. I was blinded by darkness that I can’t even distinguish right from wrong. I was groping for answers trying to find myself. Then I found them. A society that will accept me as I am. A person with an irritating personality, trying to grasp on to someone to uncover herself. I was twelve when I joined that group. I admit by that time, I know there is God that sacrificed His only Son for us. He is calling me. I can hear Him whispering. But I tried to cover my ear, my heart. By that time, I didn’t heard Him again. I became arrogant. I love to go home late and be with those people whom with my inferiority, I cling to, to feel that I belong. We party ’till we drop, break the law, rock hard. That time I cut my wrist for no reason at all. I clothed myself in black. I thought if I’ll do all those things, I belong. But, I’m not. Then, one day, I became sick. Sick of everything. Now, I’m serious I really want to take my life. I experienced Depression. I’m not just depressed. It’s severe. I have to take medicine to wipe this out. I slept all day to forget that I am existing because every time I want to take my life, someone is trying to interrupt. but then, that someone saved me. His name is Jesus. He saved me. I’m a Roman Catholic and I loved to be a Christian. I want to convert into Born Again but my mom doesn’t want me to. I also realized that religion is not important as long as I have faith in Him. As a teenager, I experienced so many challenges, I have sinned so many times and I’ve been through a lot of temptation. Still, still He accept me as His very special child. Now, I’m choosing Jesus’ path. I just don’t want to BELIEVE. I want to KNOW Him more :heart:   http://winang.deviantart.com/