Vacation, you say?

Enjoying this life. Ahhh! I’m in for a vacation- staying in the house for weeks. Now I can do all the things I have planned that haven’t been done until now ’cause of home works, architectural plates, the time that I’m always spending at school and work. Finally, I get control of my life. Lately, I got this new feeling of comfort whenever I seat alone in the morning at the balcony enjoying the gentle wind as I sip a cup of coffee. Even in the evening, browsing through the internet, Facebook-ing, blogging and all. I find comfort whenever I’m alone doing my thing.

For how many months I felt being restrained by all my responsibilities as a student. I really love the path (Architecture) that I am taking now. But, when the pile of things start rising up- plates to be done, situations in my life that are really freaking me out, leading people in our network at the church- ugh, it sucks every breath that I breathe in. I don’t know, I suddenly felt tired. I just want to get away. Do things in a passionate way.

Vacations like this- just staying in the house, chilling, taking a walk outside and making stuff that doesn’t require any deadline gives us a break sometimes. Maybe now I still can’t experience going on a trip, booking a flight, enjoy eating at a fine restaurant (still a student) but this little things reminds me to enjoy what I have right now, enjoy every moment.

One thing I learned while reflecting on my past months at school, work and church:

Take life one step at a time. Enjoy every moment. Don’t stress yourself too much. Give all your concerns, your burdens to the Lord.


Taking Different Sides on Things

N e g a t i v e. 

I don’t know why for some reason I end up looking at things negatively. I don’t know. Maybe when I came into this world, it was with me. Running through me, deep down inside. 

When I am tired

When I haven’t succeeded on accomplishing the thing that needs to be done

When the downpour just won’t stop. It ruins my morning, expecting for the sun to smile and greet me. I really wanted to go outside for a stroll and enjoy the morning breeze but I decided to just stay at home and go back to bed. Spoiled my day.

And when that stinging annoyance slows down inside of me, I started to ponder on the different sides of things. On different perspectives or viewpoint.

What if those negative stuff has a positive connotation? 

Maybe the rain won’t stop falling because I’ve got to finish the things that has to be done so I won’t end up whining again about why I can’t finish all my work because of enjoying too much at the park and forget all my to-dos.

Maybe when I look at other’s point of view and digest their concept of things and turns out of disliking them, maybe it just echoes my own unpleasant attitude that has to be changed. 

Maybe I have to change and that’s the point. These people are used by On High to transform me, renew me and make me a better person.

Maybe it’s a matter of my stand in life. My own opinion.

And if it becomes a part of my daily routine, it needs to be corrected.

Aha! It’s just a matter of choice. Use those negative things, negative situations as a springboard to improve our standard of living.

Thank God for making me realize these things! 


Have a bright and beautiful day ahead!


P o s i t i v e ❤