Being a Working Student~ opportunity to excel and be more responsible :)



Started: July 10, 2014
End: August 02, 2014
@ 7:30 A.M. -5:00 P.M.

Just finished the work as an overtimer (student assisstant) thank God I survived 😀 handling all those books, doing things that are unfamilliar to me, working in a new atmosphere and experience new exciting things to learn are worth keeping in my life.

“When you make an EFFORT in pursuing your dreams, no matter how hard, no matter how much pain and suffering you are going to endure, you will experience the true satisfaction and success in your pursuit, keep pushing and it will be worth it.”

As an Architecture student at Saint Louis University, my family cannot fully support my studies and my pursuit in Architecture. I thought being a student is just easy because I could just focus and do the best that I can in my schooling. The financial situation of our family made me realize that it is not that easy, it takes effort and I learned to become RESPONSIBLE– looking at how my parents are trying their hardest to level us up; wanting the best for us and ignoring their own, how they wanted to lift us up and fully support us but their pockets, their salary is not enough.. by that point I learned to stand up and help them. I learned that this is my future, my life is in my hands. I have to give my best shot for me and my family.

That situation is an eye opening for me to be RESPONSIBLE. God has His reasons, and it’s always for the best 🙂